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Chlorine is the primary sanitizer used in the swimming pools today because it effectively kills algae and bacteria, a number of different types of chlorine are available for use in pools; Including stabilizing chlorine, non-stabilizing chlorine, calcium hypochlorite, dichlor, trichlor, and others. All sold under a variety of brand names. Chlorine has worked effectively throughout the history of swimming pools and remains the most efficient sanitizer a pool owner can use today.

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Multi Performance Shock and Clear


Adding an intense amount of chlorine is known as shocking the pool. Over time pools can build up oil, grease, dirt, and waste that get to be too much for normal sanitization to handle. Regular shocking or “super chlorinating” kills bacteria, controls algae, and destroys organic contaminants that can cause red eyes, unpleasant odor, and swimmer discomfort. Shocking can also increase your sanitzers efficiency and puts the sparkle back in dull, flat, pool water.

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Algae Solution


If your pool turns various colors, chances are you have some type of algae. The most common form is mustard algae that can adhere to the walls and corners of your pool. The corners of your can be especially susceptible to algae growth due to lower water circulation compared to the rest of the pool. Different treatments are available for each type of algae. Your pool professional can help you identify and treat your specific type of algae.

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Alkalinity Increaser


Properly balanced water prevents corrosion and staining. It will also optimize the performance of your sanitizer. Using PoolStyle Balancers, as needed, simplifies the balancing act to help achieve properly balanced water.

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Fresh Start

Problem Solvers

Fresh Start is designed to solve severe water fouling problems. It will remove white water mold, pink slime and turn a severely green pool blue. Grass Eradicator protects vinyl liner from nut grass penetration. Apply annually around pool perimeter for control. Finally, Chlorine Eliminator is a highly specialized product designed for pools that contain high levels of free chlorine to get back into service quickly.

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Water Polish


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Salt Cell Cleaner


Salt Cell Cleaner will keep your salt Chlorine Generator Cell clean to run at maximum performance and extend cell life.

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Deluxe Winter Kit

Winter Products

The steps you take to winterize your pool will vary depending on the climate in your area of the country. No matter where you live, one key to proper winterizing and pool safety is a good high-quality pool safety cover that will seal the pool properly when it’s not in use. When combined with quality winterizing chemicals, your pool cover can help opening your pool in the spring a breeze.

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